Oregon teacher Amy Miller honored by Wisconsin Association for Talented and Gifted

Amy Miller

Amy Miller

Oregon teacher Amy Miller has been named the 2015 Coordinator of the Year by the Wisconsin Association for Talented and Gifted (WATG).

According to Oregon Observer:

WATG board president Sue Lee called Miller an “amazing” educator who has been a leader in teaching advanced learning far beyond the borders of the Oregon School District.

Miller, who was among the first group of educators to go through the state’s gifted teacher licensure in 2010, told the Observer on Tuesday the award honors the district’s philosophy “starting from the school board on down that all kids are important, and what can we do to make sure we’re meeting those needs.”

“The staff says the more they try to meet those needs, the more they realize how significant they are,” she said.

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Amy Miller wears a lot of hats at the Oregon School District. Listed as the OSD community education director, wellness co-chair and coordinator of advanced learning, Miller is best known for simply being one of Oregon’s finest and most-appreciated educators.