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WEA Benefits FREE Financial Consultations

DECEMBER 13, 2019

Attention CRUE Region 4 Members!

Wondering where to start? Are you on the right track?

Individual financial consultations with WEA Member Benefits can help answer both of those questions!

Tom Gallmann, Member Benefits Consultant, from WEA Member Benefits will be onsite to meet with staff. It’s a convenient way to meet with someone face-to-face to get some general help or guidance.

WHAT:  FREE Financial Consultation

WHEN:  February 25 – 27

WHERE:Conference Room (register by clicking the link below)

Tom can answer your specific questions on a wide range of financial topics such as:

·         Reasons to start a 403(b) or IRA savings account and how to enroll

·         Wisconsin Retirement System (WRS) basics

·         Retirement Savings strategies; Pre-tax vs. Roth, 403(b) vs. IRA

·         Investment/Account Fees

·         Tips for purchasing home and auto insurance

Photo ID is required to access and discuss Member Benefits account information during the consultation. For WRS Calculations please schedule an appointment with our Financial Planner.

Spouses/partners welcome.


For Appointments on Tuesday, February 25, 2020:

For Appointments on Wednesday, February 26, 2020:

For Appointments on Thursday, February 27, 2020:

Intro to 9 Essential Skills for the Love & Logic Classroom (60 minutes or 90 minutes)

This is a fun introductory program full of stories and laughs, designed to give you practical skills that can be used immediately. We’ll explore what it means to discipline, our role as a teacher , and how to have more fun and less stress handling our classrooms. Topics include: neutralzing arguments, delayed consequences, and establishing empathy. Great techniques are introduced to address issues associated with trauma exposed students. Participants can expect to be introduced to a few of the basic skills incorporated in the longer and more detailed program, “9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom.”

9 Essential Skills for the Love and Logic Classroom (six or nine 2-hour sessions over the course of a school year) $10.00 workbook required.

Learn practical skills required to succeed with today’s tough students, create a classroom where there are fewer battles with students and fewer complaints from parents, all while lowering your stress level. Topics include: neutralizing student arguing, delayed consequences, empathy, recovery process, developing positive student/teacher relationships, setting limits with enforceable statements, using choices to prevent power struggles, quick and easy preventative interventions, and guiding students to own and solve their problems. Great techniques are taught to address issues associated with trauma exposed students. Participants can expect to be exposed to proven techniques during each session which are practical and simple to implement the very next school day.
Making Difficult Conversations Easier (90 minutes)

Learn to see the 3 conversations within every difficuly conversation. Avoid the pitfalls of establishing who’s right, assessing blame and assuming the worst. Begin converting your difficult conversation to “Learning Conversation,” which will get us to discuss what matters most. You will be exposed to great techniques to improve the difficult conversations with colleagues, administrators, and parents. The participant can expect to be exposed to various techniques to improve the outcomes of difficult conversations they have at home and work.

Employee Rights Training for the Member Representative (30 minutes)

This training provides basic instruction to help member rights.